Beauty & Value… The high-end look without the hefty price!

After years of testing, Granicrete revealed its countertop looks at a Phoenix, Arizona, home and Garden show in early 2006. As hundreds of consumers went through our booth of countertops, nearly all had the same question, “What is the price for your Granite?” We knew the look was great, but this question affirmed it!

We are pleased to present you with the Granicrete Countertop System. We are able to achieve nearly any look for granite, marble, and stone. (By the way, no need to worry about radon or radiation like is commonly being reported by the news media about granite countertops.) Our system is designed to go over your existing countertops and vanities (at only about 1/8” thick with the durability of over 14,000 psi) or can be applied the same way over newly fabricated tops.

This seamless look is provides both scratch and heat resistance and is USDA certified. It is very simple to clean and maintain as it is non-porous. Granicrete countertops are not only the avenue for affordable elegance to countertops and vanities, but also for bar tops and dining tables. As a common on-site transformation takes at least three days (with little to no odor and dust), such quick turns for the needs of property investors and managers makes ideal sense.

For more information about an installation you would be interested in, simply complete the form on our contact page and we will arrange for an independent certified Granicrete countertop installer contact you in the next 24-48 hours.